Zagreb – Osijek by car

The highway starts at Zagreb Istok and in the direction of Slavonija region. At Sredanci highway knot turn to A5 (E73) and continue to the city of Osijek. It is about 280 km long with drive duration of about 2,5 hours. Toll for the first category (car) is 116 HRK (15€).

google maps: zagreb - osijek

Belgrade (SRB) – Osijek by car

Belgrade (SRB) – Sremska Mitrovica (SRB) – Đakovo (HRV) – Osijek (HRV) using E70/A3/E73.
Belgrade (SRB) – Novi Sad (SRB) – Osijek (HRV) using E75.

google maps: belgrade - osijek

Pecs (HUN) – Osijek by car

Pecs (HUN) – Siklos (HUN) – Petrovo Selo (HRV) – Osijek (HRV) using road 58/D211/D517.
Pecs (HUN) – Mohacs (HUN) – Kneževo (HRV) – Osijek (HRV) using road 57/D7.

google maps: Pécs - osijek