Eastern Alpine and Dinaric Society was established in 1960 with an aim to stimulate the cross-border cooperation for studies of vegetation. The society organises meetings every second year. The meeting is not opened only to members, but also to other researches interested in flora and vegetation of the region.

At the end of the 1950ies vegetation scientists Erwin Aichinger from Austria, Sandro Pignatti from Italy and Maks Wraber from Slovenia met and decided to found a society to stimulate the cross-border cooperation for studies of the botanical interesting area of the Eastern Alpine and Dinaric Region. In 1960, the first meeting was held in Klagenfurt.

In the beginning, the society was designed as a section of the International Society for Vegetation Science, but acted independently. After some time it changed to a completely independent Society with name: “Eastern Alpine and Dinaric Society for Vegetation Science”.

Aim of the Society is to enforce the personal contacts between vegetation scientists of this area, to facilitate the exchange of results and experiences within meetings and field trips. Until 1972 meetings were hold on a yearly basis, since then every two years, every time organised in a different country, on a specific issue.

Invitations for discussions and field trips were also organised as additional activities.

The society cultivates contacts between scientists of central and south-eastern Europe and it specially gives young scientists the possibility to present themselves and their work with presentations and posters.

The members mainly come from southern and south-eastern parts of Europe, but it is open for vegetation scientist from all countries. Equal languages on the meetings were German, Italian, Serbo-Croatian and Slovene. Soon, German got the best understood language and became almost the language of the meetings. At the meeting in Zagreb (1994), English was added to the list of languages and nowadays it is a dominant language on the meetings.

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Bylaws of the Eastern Alpine and Dinaric Society for Vegetation Science
Approved by the General Assembly of the Eastern Alpine and Dinaric Society for Vegetation Ecology meeting held during the 39th meeting in Dubrovnik (Croatia) on May 5th 2022.

Article 1. Name and status

The name of this organization shall be “Eastern Alpine and Dinaric Society for Vegetation Ecology” (EADSVE).

The society’s official language is English.

Article 2. Purposes

The Eastern Alpine and Dinaric Society for Vegetation Ecology consists of scientists who work with vegetation in the Eastern Alpine and Dinaric area as well as surrounding regions. Its aim is to support, develop and spread vegetation research in the region and beyond and to stimulate young scientists to research vegetation.

Research on the vegetation of this area should be stimulated by meetings, excursions, field trips, common projects, publications etc.

Article 3. Membership

Membership of the EADSVE is open to all persons free of charge who accept the goals of the society. Membership of the EADSVE is obtained by written application to the secretary and has to be accepted by the general assembly with simple majority; the applicant should be present at this assembly.

It is the responsibility of members to provide a functioning e-mail address to the secretary. Membership is discontinued when no functioning e-mail address is available. The membership terminates by voluntary leaving using a written statement. The society has the right to terminate a membership due to acting against the bylaws by two thirds majority decision of the general assembly.

Eventual membership fees and other resources are managed in the particular countries; the money is spent for society activities in these countries.

Article 4. President, General Assembly

The president represents the society.

The general assembly is the supreme authority of the society and meets regularly every second year during the meeting of the EADSVE. The general assembly consists of all the members who are present in person.

Article 5. Steering Committee

The EADSVE shall have a steering committee with 7 elected members and not more than 2 from one country. In case of an equality of votes the selection among candidates with the same number of votes is done according to random principle organized by the current steering committee.

Prior to the election of the steering committee the secretary should ask the members of the society for nominations; self-nominations are acceptable. The candidates should confirm their nomination to get on the list of candidates. If there are not enough candidates the number of persons of the steering committee will be reduced.

The election should be executed by electronic voting. Each member can vote for the maximum of 7 candidates. The election procedure should start six months before a regular meeting of the EADSVE and should be finished four weeks before.

The first election according these bylaws will take place by the end of September 2022.

The members of the steering committee are elected for four years. A re-election is possible. If it is not possible to organize a meeting the mandate of the steering committee is prolonged.

The steering committee elects a president and a vice president and appoints a secretary for four years with a simple majority. The president cannot be directly re-elected after 4 years. The steering committee can also put down a president by a two thirds majority.

The organizer of the next meeting is co-opted into the steering committee but he has no right to vote.

Article 6. Secretary of the EADSVE

The steering committee appoints a secretary who is member of the committee. If he is not an elected member of the steering committee, he has no right to vote.

The secretary maintains the members’ data base and the homepage of the society and communicates with the members.

Article 7. Meetings of the EADSVE

The society organizes a meeting (symposium) with scientific presentations and excursions every second year if possible.

Members, the steering committee or the president can give proposals for the place of the next meeting. If there is more than one proposal, the one with the most votes in the general assembly will be elected. If the next meeting is not elected on the general assembly, the decision can be substituted by electronic voting.

Article 8. Honorary Members and Presidents

The society can elect honorary members and presidents. Proposals of the members should be addressed to the secretary and will be evaluated by the steering committee. The general assembly can accept proposals by simple majority.

Article 9. Amendments

The bylaws of the EADSVE can only be modified by the general assembly. Proposals for a modification of the bylaws must be announced through the secretary to all the members at least one month before the general assembly. For an adoption of the modification, a two-thirds majority of the members present is necessary.

© 2022 Eastern Alpine and Dinaric Society for Vegetation Ecology

President Renata Ćušterevska (Skopje, Republic of Macedonia)
Vice-president Christian Eichberger (Salzburg, Austria)
Members of the Steering Committee Andraž Čarni (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
Željko Škvorc (Zagreb, Croatia)
Christian Eichberger (Salzburg, Austria)
Andrea Catorci (Camerino, Italy)
Renata Ćušterevska (Skopje, Republic of Macedonia)
Mirjana Ćuk (Novi Sad, Serbia)
Daniel Krstonošić (Zagreb, Croatia)
Secretary Daniel Krstonošić (Zagreb, Croatia)
President Josias Braun-Blanquet (Montpellier) 1960 1962
Vice-president Erwin Aichinger (Klagenfurt) 1960 1962
Vice-president Valerio Giacomini (Napoli) 1960 1962
Vice-president Maks Wraber (Ljubljana) 1960 1962
Secretary Sandro Pignatti (Padova) 1960 1962
President Josias Braun-Blanquet (Montpellier) 1962 1964
Vice-president Erwin Aichinger (Klagenfurt) 1962 1964
Vice-president Valerio Giacomini (Napoli) 1962 1964
Vice-president Maks Wraber (Ljubljana) 1962 1964
Secretary Sandro Pignatti (Padova) 1962 1964
President ? 1964 1966
Vice-president ? 1964 1966
Vice-president ? 1964 1966
Vice-president ? 1964 1966
Secretary ? 1964 1966
President Erwin Aichinger (Klagenfurt) 1966 1968
Vice-president Pavle Fukarek (Sarajevo) 1966 1968
Secretary Sandro Pignatti (Padova) 1966 1968
President Pavle Fukarek (Sarajevo) 1968 1970
Vice-president Erwin Aichinger (Klagenfurt) 1968 1970
Vice-president Tone Wraber (Ljubljana) 1968 1970
Vice-president Franco Pedrotti (Camerino) 1968 1970
Secretary Alberto Hofmann (Torino) 1968 1970
President Pavle Fukarek (Sarajevo) 1970 1972
Vice-president Maks Wraber (Ljubljana) 1970 1972
Secretary Alberto Hofmann (Torino) 1970 1972
President Sandro Pignatti (Trieste) 1972 1974
Vice-president Heinrich Wagner (Salzburg) 1972 1974
Vice-president Ljudevit Ilijanić (Zagreb) 1972 1974
Vice-president Franco Pedrotti (Camerino) 1972 1974
Secretary Helmut Hartl (Klagenfurt) 1972 1974
President Harald Niklfeld (Vienna) 1974 1976
Vice-president Duilio Lausi (Trieste) 1974 1976
Vice-president Erich Mayer (Ljubljana) 1974 1976
Vice-president Herbert Reisigl (Innsbruck) 1974 1976
Secretary Tone Wraber (Ljubljana) 1974 1976
President Sandro Pignatti (Trieste) 1976 1981
Vice-president Ernest Mayer (Ljubljana) 1976 1981
Vice-president Ljudevit Ilijanić (Zagreb) 1976 1981
Secretary Helmut Hartl (Klagenfurt) 1976 1981
President Ernest Mayer (Ljubljana) 1981 1983
Vice-president Ljudevit Ilijanić (Zagreb) 1981 1983
Vice-president Harald Niklfeld (Vienna) 1981 1983
Vice-president Livio Poldini (Trieste) 1981 1983
Secretary Lojze Marinček (Ljubljana) 1981 1983
President Ernest Mayer (Ljubljana) 1983 1986
Vice-president Ljudevit Ilijanić (Zagreb) 1983 1986
Vice-president Erich Hübl (Vienna) 1983 1986
Vice-president Livio Poldini (Trieste) 1983 1986
Secretary Lojze Marinček (Ljubljana) 1983 1986
President Erika Pignatti (Trieste) 1986 1990
Vice-president Ljudevit Ilijanić (Zagreb) 1986 1990
Vice-president Livio Poldini (Trieste) 1986 1990
Vice-president Kurt Zukrigl (Vienna) 1986 1990
Secretary Michele Codogno (Trieste) 1986 1990
President Heinrich Wagner (Salzburg) 1990 1994
Vice-president Erika Pignatti (Trieste) 1990 1994
Vice-president Ivo Trinajstić (Zagreb) 1990 1994
Vice-president Mitja Zupančič (Ljubljana) 1990 1994
Vice-president Kurt Zukrigl (Vienna) 1990 1994
Secretary Paul Heiselmayer (Salzburg) 1990 1994
President Ivo Trinajstić (Zagreb) 1994 1997
Vice-president Mitja Zupančič (Ljubljana) 1994 1997
Vice-president Erika Pignatti (Trieste) 1994 1997
Vice-president Erich Hübl (Vienna) 1994 1997
Secretary Paul Heiselmayer (Salzburg) 1994 1997
President Kurt Zukrigl (Vienna) 1997 2001
Vice-president Ivo Trinajstić (Zagreb) 1997 2001
Vice-president Mitja Zupančič (Ljubljana) 1997 2001
Vice-president Erika Pignatti (Trieste) 1997 2001
State Secretary Andrej Seliškar (Ljubljana) 1997 2001
State Secretary Zinka Pavletić (Zagreb) 1997 2001
Secretary Paul Heiselmayer (Salzburg) 1997 2001
President Andraž Čarni (Ljubljana) 2001 2005
Vice-president Livio Poldini (Trieste) 2001 2005
Vice-president Jasenka Topić (Zagreb) 2001 2005
Vice-president Kurt Zukrigl (Vienna) 2001 2005
State Secretary Paul Heiselmayer (Salzburg) 2001 2005
State Secretary Zvjezdana Stančić (Zagreb) 2001 2005
State Secretary Marisa Vidali (Trieste) 2001 2005
Secretary Urban Šilc (Ljubljana) 2001 2005
President Paul Heiselmayer (Salzburg) 2005 2009
Vice-president Jasenka Topić (Zagreb) 2005 2009
Vice-president Livio Poldini (Trieste) 2005 2009
Vice-president Andraž Čarni (Ljubljana) 2005 2009
Secretary General Christian Eichberger (Salzburg) 2005 2009
Vice-president Fadil Millaku (Prishtina) 2007 2009
President Andrea Catorci (Camerino) 2009 2013
Secretary General Alessandra Vitanzi (Camerino) 2009 2013
Vice-president Paul Heiselmayer (Salzburg) 2009 2013
Regional Secretary Christian Eichberger (Salzburg) 2009 2013
Vice-president Željko Škvorc (Zagreb) 2009 2013
Regional Secretary Daniel Krstonošić (Zagreb) 2009 2013
Vice-president Fadil Millaku (Prishtina) 2009 2013
Regional Secretary Elez Krasniqi (Prishtina) 2009 2013
Vice-president Andraž Čarni (Ljubljana) 2009 2013
Regional Secretary Urban Šilc (Ljubljana) 2009 2013
President Željko Škvorc (Zagreb) 2013 2015
Secretary General Daniel Krstonošić (Zagreb) 2013 2015
Vice-president Paul Heiselmayer (Salzburg) 2013 2015
Regional Secretary Christian Eichberger (Salzburg) 2013 2015
Vice-president Andrea Catorci (Camerino) 2013 2015
Regional Secretary Alessandra Vitanzi (Camerino) 2013 2015
Vice-president Fadil Millaku (Prishtina) 2013 2015
Regional Secretary Elez Krasniqi (Prishtina) 2013 2015
Vice-president Andraž Čarni (Ljubljana) 2013 2015
Regional Secretary Urban Šilc (Ljubljana) 2013 2015
President Željko Škvorc (Zagreb) 2015 2017
Secretary General Daniel Krstonošić (Zagreb) 2015 2017
Vice-president Christian Eichberger (Salzburg) 2015 2017
Regional Secretary Paul Heiselmayer (Salzburg) 2015 2017
Vice-president Andrea Catorci (Camerino) 2015 2017
Regional Secretary Federico Tardella (Camerino) 2015 2017
Vice-president Fadil Millaku (Prishtina) 2015 2017
Regional Secretary Elez Krasniqi (Prishtina) 2015 2017
Vice-president Andraž Čarni (Ljubljana) 2015 2017
Regional Secretary Urban Šilc (Ljubljana) 2015 2017
President Christian Eichberger (Salzburg) 2017 2019
Secretary General Daniel Krstonošić (Zagreb) 2017 2019
Vice-president Andraž Čarni (Ljubljana) 2017 2019
Regional Secretary Urban Šilc (Ljubljana) 2017 2019
Vice-president Željko Škvorc (Zagreb) 2017 2019
Regional Secretary Claudia Wolkerstorfer (Salzburg) 2017 2019
Vice-president Fadil Millaku (Prishtina) 2017 2019
Regional Secretary Elez Krasniqi (Prishtina) 2017 2019
Vice-president Andrea Catorci (Camerino) 2017 2019
Regional Secretary Federico Tardella (Camerino) 2017 2019
Vice-president Dejan Mandžukovski (Skopje) 2017 2019
Regional Secretary Renata Ćušterevska (Skopje) 2017 2019
President Christian Eichberger (Salzburg) 2019 2022
Secretary General Daniel Krstonošić (Zagreb) 2019 2022
Vice-president Andraž Čarni (Ljubljana) 2019 2022
Regional Secretary Urban Šilc (Ljubljana) 2019 2022
Vice-president Željko Škvorc (Zagreb) 2019 2022
Regional Secretary Claudia Wolkerstorfer (Salzburg) 2019 2022
Vice-president Fadil Millaku (Prishtina) 2019 2022
Regional Secretary Elez Krasniqi (Prishtina) 2019 2022
Vice-president Andrea Catorci (Camerino) 2019 2022
Regional Secretary Federico Tardella (Camerino) 2019 2022
Vice-president Dejan Mandžukovski (Skopje) 2019 2022
Regional Secretary Renata Ćušterevska (Skopje) 2019 2022